Mold introduction

Mold is a very common tool in modern industry.

Although molds are classified into many types, in general, their functions are similar: relying on their own shapes, through certain means, materials with a certain degree of plasticity or fluidity also become specific shapes.

The mold in the usual sense refers to: casting mold, metal plastic forming and mold injection mold.

Mold making

The requirements of mold design and production are: accurate size, smooth surface; reasonable structure, high production efficiency, easy to automate; easy manufacturing, high life, low cost; design meets the needs of the process, economical and reasonable.

The mold structure design and parameter selection must consider factors such as rigidity, guidance, unloading mechanism, positioning method, and gap size. The wearing parts on the mold should be easy to replace.

For plastic molds and die-casting molds, it is also necessary to consider a reasonable pouring system, the flow state of molten plastic or metal, and the position and direction of entering the cavity.

In order to improve productivity and reduce the loss of runner pouring, a multi-cavity mold can be used, and multiple identical or different products can be completed in one mold at the same time. High-efficiency, high-precision, and long-life molds should be used in mass production.

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